This is a list of the types of jobs we are willing to take on, and some we may decline to accept. We are masters at many carpentry items - because we strive to be masters at anything we take on. But there are some things that we just aren't the best at. And it's in your best interest for us to be honest about it.

When it comes to trades where the guys are more "artists" than "follow-a-manual workers", it's also in your best interest to hire a company that Specializes in their craft. Anyone with a long list of varying services on the side of their truck will likely not know enough about any one of them to do a truly quality job for you. 

Review any item below to see why you might appreciate hiring us for a certain service, or why you might be better off using someone else for some things.

Of course we build the 10 main things listed here, and more. But Custom Decks, with or without some of these features, is our specialty. We stand alone in Central Arkansas when it comes to these things:


Treated Pine Decks

An all-treated pine deck is the most cost effective deck you can build. In the South, the most readily available lumber that can be used on outdoor structures is pine that has been chemically treated to resist rot and insects. There are no limits to what we can create with natural wood. However.... pine does want to warp & twist and requires almost yearly maintenence.


Composite Decks

Composite lumber is man-made using a mix of natural and manufactured ingredients. There is currently (2024) only one company that makes composite framing items. Most other composites aren't structural, so most composite decks still require natural-lumber (like treated pine) or steel for the framing. Even a wood frame will not require any maintenence since most of it is hidden by the Joist Tape and the composite decking and fascia. A composite deck is NOT no-maintenence, it's LOW-maintenence in that the most you'll ever have to do is spray on some outdoor cleaner and then simply hose it off to keep mildew away. Due to the boards being manufactured, there are limits to what we can do with it and have it still look good. But we're pretty creative and haven't been stumped yet!



Boat Docks, swim docks, fishing piers, or whatever structure you need that goes, at least partly, out into a body of water. The best time to build these is when the water is low enough that we can dig holes and put the posts in concrete. But if the water is never lowered then we likely have solutions for that as well. Check out our Docks Gallery to get an idea of what we can do. 



A Gazebo is a stand-alone structure (but can be attached to more deck) that can be hexagonal or octagonal that has a roof and either rails, screen, half-wall & screen, or a combination. Most gazebo roofs do not have a cupola (tiny 2nd roof on top) due to the extra expense and the chance rain could blow in. But if you might put a firepit or grill in your gazebo then you probably want a cupola to vent the smoke.



A Pavilion is simply a stand-alone roof supported by posts that is square or rectangle shaped. Well, we can actually make them "L" shaped or "Z" shaped if you want! We can put these on a deck, over a concrete patio, or just out in a yard or field. If any part of it is elevated (due to being part of a deck, for instance) then it would likely need some railing. But most times it is simply a roof with posts and is situated next to a pool or other place you'd want a covered getaway.



A Pergola is typically just a " shade or framework feature" supported on posts over a deck or patio (or over anything or nothing) where the top structure is level (not sloped since it's not a roof). The beams and rafters can be configured in may ways and with many different end-cut designs. If you don't see a style you like in our Pergola Gallery, then send us a picture from any magazine or website and we'll give you a quote.
We've built Pergolas out of many different types of lumber. We have put acryllic sheets on top that shed rain and provide shade while letting some light through. We have put "shade cloth" on top of many of them which provide shade but let the rain through. But most of them just have our "shade strips" on top - which provide some, but not a lot of shade, but do add to the strength and design. Our creativity (along with the input from the homeowner) has allowed some clients to get a pergola in an area others thought impossible and has produced some odd, non-standard shapes. There is a reason "Custom" is the first part of our name.



There are not a lot of calls for Bridges. But when you do need or want one, it needs to be done right! We've done several walk-bridges and we've done some that will support mowers, golf carts, and small tractors. These are in our "Other Gallery". If the actual span section of the bridge needs to be over 20', or if it will need to support actual cars or larger, you will likely need a commercial construction company and an engineer for that.


Roofs Over Our Decks

We build a lot of Roofs over the decks we build. We've had many clients that were told by other contractors that a roof couldn't be done in the area they wanted - and we figured it out. But there ARE situations where a roof just won't work or it would be cost prohibitive. If you have an existing deck that we didn't build, then odds are we will not agree to build a roof over it. If we can do it without relying structurally on that existing deck, or if we don't have to modify the existing deck itself then we may be able/willing to add a roof. One of the best ways to protect a treated pine deck is to put a roof over it. And we have several options for meeting a certain style or budget. But do keep in mind that we don't love (aren't as passionate about) roofs like we do decks. We will do you a great job, but we aren't excited about roofs so we don't figure them with any discounts.

Also..... if you want a roof over a deck or patio in a spot where your house roofs make an "L" shape (so the new roof will be in a corner essentially) then there is a good chance we may decline to do it. IF we do it, your house roof will have to have at least a 5:12 pitch and no other obstacles. And be prepared that we will have to take our new roof way up onto your house roof to get enough slope on the new roof. And we will NOT be doing a metal roof in a corner like that. The absolute only way we'd ever do a metal roof will be if it can attach to your house roof and meet your shingles in a single straight line.
There is also only one situation where we may connect our new roof to your house overhang, so odds are your house doesn't qualify and we won't be doing that. Our roofs connect to your house roof UP ON the roof, sometimes as far as 16' up toward the ridge. There are plenty of guys that will do metal roofs and attach them at or under your overhang, but I do apologize that we aren't one of them.


Roofs Over Existing Patios

While we may be more willing to put a Roof over a patio we didn't build than we are a deck we didn't build, there are many times a patio was poured out of square and that can make us not want to put a roof over it. You don't notice a concrete slab that is slightly out of square. But when we put roof posts on the edge of it, or in the yard just off the edge of it, then that can cause our posts to either be out of plumb or not in line with the edge of the concrete - which shows up big time and makes it look like OUR work is bad. And just like a roof over a deck, there are many ways a contractor can try to cut corners on your patio roof - one of which is to attach it to your house overhang. If you don't want an eventual collapse or unecessary posts in front of your windows, make sure we are one of the bids you get for your roof addition*. But keep in mind our excitement level from the 1st paragraph in the section above when receiving our quote.

*See the "Also...." paragraph from the section above.


Privacy Fences

We even take great pride in building simple Privacy Fences. From the depth of our holes, to the fact that we MIX the concrete before we pour it around the posts, to using string lines to get the tops of the pickets uniform, to using cedar for the gate frames to help them not sag later. It takes us longer than it does most fence companies because we don't throw 10 non-carpenter guys at it that have been trained to cut the above-mentioned corners. But, even so, these days we refer full fence builds to Bradford Fencing because they are true professionals that care about the product like we do! And, they can usually get to you quicker than we can. But if you need small sections of wood fence, or gates, while we're there building your deck or other outdoor structure, we may be happy to oblige!


Storage Buildings/Sheds

Sheds or Storage Buildings is another one of those things (like fences) that, at first glance, you may not see how ours are any better than the competition. We can build them like others in the cost-effective style where there is no overhang, etc. But we can also do them like small houses where there is an overhang with proper venting and the framing around doors & windows is stout instead of "passable". And we don't have a list of "sizes" or "models" we offer. We can build you whatever you want with whatever features or amenities you want! From open-stud walls like any shed, or finished out all the way up to the level of a tiny home. We can even do them with a concrete slab, instead of wood-framed floor, as long as it's not too large. Need a custom Dog House with a porch and removable roof so you can walk in it and clean it? Let us know! Again....... "Custom"!
*We don't normally do any painting.

Design Only Services

In the rare event that you would want to build your own deck, but just needed some design help and then wanted to be sure you knew every step to take, we can provide you with Design Only Services.
Be sure and read the entire Design Only page before inquiring with us about it.

Retaining Walls

We've done a few. But it's not really what we're trying to do. Other people have better equipment for that and can do it better and quicker. If we're building you a deck and a wall has to be done before we can start (wall under, or up next to, the deck), then we'll at least look at it and see if we want to be the ones to do it.

Repair Work

We are a small crew and we stay so busy with full builds that we only repair decks that WE have built. There is a slim (very slim) chance that we will do some repairs for you on a deck that we didn't build. But there are several reasons we try not to (or we'll suggest a full rebuild).
For more on that be sure and see our longer explanation on our Why We Don't Do Repairs page.

Assembly of Items

Have a swing, glider, playset, store-bought pergola or pavilion, or any outdoor item that needs to be assembled? Then we're happy to give you a price for that! You get a better price if we're already there building you a deck. There are limitations and things we may decline to assemble. But we never know until you ask us!

Electrical Work

Since we aren't licensed electricians then we have to mention that we aren't allowed to do any electrical work for you (other than low-voltage deck lighting). But we are happy to coordinate and confer with your electrician (or ours) to be sure you get the fans, lights and outlets you want on your deck. We ALWAYS have suggestions for the electrician for how the wire can be hidden to be sure the beauty of your new deck isn't ruined by hideous wire or conduit. And we know a great master electrician (with great rates) if you need one!

Room Additions

We've done 'em. And we've built entire houses a few times as well. And when we do, the other subs that come after us always marvel at how plumb and square we get things! Apparently many framers don't really care about their quality and how it affects the next guys' work.
But.... even though our craftsmanship is excellent in everything we do, for us to be the ones to manage the whole project is not the best idea. If we can act as the sub for the framing, the trim, and any other woodwork, then that's where you'll get the best speed and harmony out of us. On a similar note: Detached Garages (or anything detached) are like storage buildings to us - we LOVE doing them! Let us know what you're wanting and we'll let you know if we're the best fit or not.

Painting or Staining

We try to stay far away from any painting or staining if we can help it. We are good at anything our heart is into, and our heart just isn't into painting & staining. There are some situations where we will do some small things just to save you time, money, or headache down the line. But mostly it's a "no" - especially on full decks or sheds. Check out our article about this in the Help & Resources section called Staining & Sealing to learn more about what we will and won't do (and why) - and you'll find  our suggestions on finishing your project that needs paint or stain...... either doing it yourself or where to find someone.

Commercial Work

Because we believe in being honest and upfront, we must tell you that our Contractor's License is only for Residential Improvement projects. But we can work as a SUB under a general contractor if you really want Custom Deckworks Quality at your commercial location!
Years ago (before the licensing updates) we did tons of commercial projects - some at places you were sure to have seen but just might not have known it. Chris got his start in Commercial Construction anyway and is well versed in the industry and knows how to swim in that pond just fine!