Our "Competition"

This is an extension of our "Why Use Us?" page in the main menu.
Can I just put a lot of laughy emoji's here? Or is putting "competition" in quotes rude enough?

There are other "deck builders" out there, but for some reason, in this area, no one wants to elevate their game and be a true contender.

If you're looking to hire us and you've come here before I am able to finish this page, and if you also get queezy and consider it "talking bad about others" when people lay out the sad and bitter truth about the quality and abilities of the other companies in the field - you just find it unbecoming for someone to "stoop to that level" - then count yourself lucky you got here when you did! 
Because the truth is coming to this page soon!

If you're ever one of the many people I've known that have regretted wasting money with some of the contractors around here, and like them you had to spend even more to get it done right, then you'll understand why it's important we talk about who's out there.

One thing I'll be leaving on this page is this:
When getting your "3 bids" be sure and ask each contractor all the hard questions you can think to ask and make note of the answers and reactions you get. 

I welcome you to ask me ANYTHING about decks or outdoor structures!
Literally anything in the world about this industry is fair game. I won't "salesman" you; I'll be totally honest. In the rare event I don't know the answer, I'll promptly say as much and let you know that I'll find out and get back to you.

You'll be able to tell who is uncomfortable with questions and who may not be very forthright in their answers. You have discernment or you wouldn't be where you are today. Plus, you can always go look up what answers any of us gave you to see who was being honest (as long as you're looking in the right place and not on some marketing site). Even if you don't think you'll hire us, you are welcome to check with me about the answers another contractor gave you. I'll be honest in my thoughts about his answers, and I'll be extremely proud if you help me find out about another local guy who is educated and honest!

Our Competition

This is what you can end up with if you let a corner-cutter build your deck.
I can see a few things wrong in this picture, but mostly it looked fine to the untrained eye before it collapsed. The main things wrong, and the reason it failed, can't be seen in the picture (although I can tell you what they are).
*Even though it should go without saying that this isn't one of our decks, I'm going to say it just in case.

Placeholder Picture

More to come soon !