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This is where we'll talk about our favorite composite decking and the best aluminum railings and other stuff like that. 

You have a lot of questions about composites and cable railings and all kinds of things and this page will be a great resourse for that.

The first 4 links under the Help & Resources section of the footer all lead to what will be different sections of this same page (as outlined below).

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Trex Composite Decking:

Deckorators Balusters:

Aluminum Railing Products:

Special Order Items:

Composite lumber, Aluminum Railing, or anything that we have to order for you from out of state (that must be shipped or that I can't just go pick up from a location myself) are all considered Special Order.


If you have me order ANY special order materials or items, they are NOT returnable.

Due to the cost of freight shipping, the only way it would be worth it to send any decking back is if the vendor sent the wrong thing or it was damaged in shipping (because that will not be our fault). And if so, I'll take care of that. But there can be no "Buyers Remorse" returns. YOU have to feel comfortable and be certain in your decision before you have me order something for you. 

Most of the places we order from have a policy that things have to be unopened and unused in order to be returned. So if we install something (which we have to for you to consider the job complete and pay us) then it is considered used. And we can't save the boxes for every item for every customer that gets special order items. No boxes = no returns. (but the "installed/used" factor means no returns anyway). So if the product performs, but just not as well as you think it should, it can't be returned.

We are just passing on the policies of the vendors.

So to keep it simple since there are so many vendors with varying policies that change regularly and we can't keep up with, we have no choice but to have a NO RETURN policy as well on anything that we have to order online or from outside of Central Arkansas.

So please research carefully to be sure you want an item before having us order you any expensive items. 

Things like lighting or post caps or hardware or any accessory that we don't have to have as part of the actual build probably just needs to be ordered by you anyway. Things that we may install for you, but can be installed after the fact and won't hold up any phase of the actual build, should be ordered by you from any vendor you can find (online or in person). You, as a consumer and not a contractor, will have much more pull in being able to return something than we will. Vendors are more scared of you than they are of us and will often override their policies for you. They know we will not leave them negative reviews since we have to use them for other jobs.

So to sum up, if we order it for you then you own it forever (unless you can sell it to someone of your own efforts). We will NOT be giving refunds on special order items and we will not be attempting to facilitate, broker, or help with getting you a refund from any vendor. These statements say "we" this and "we" that. But Chris is the entire office staff at this company and therefore, due to time constraints, has no choice but to decline to process any special order returns.

The contract you sign with us and the signature/footer of any email we send you will have a link pointing you to this section of this website and advising you to read it before you hand us any money for anything.

*This policy does not include anything we buy locally at Lowe's, H.D., or any local lumber company - which is all of the pine we use and standard hardware.

More to come soon !