A small collection of some of the other things we've built. The reason it's not all in here is because over the years we've learned that if someone finds out you know how to do something, they're going to ask you to do it for them!

So the things in here are all things we'd be willing to do again, under the right circumstances. (maybe)

If you want cabinets that are paint-grade and suitable for a laundry room or garage, we may take the job. Otherwise we will refer you to Perry's Custom Cabinets where you can get proper cabinets made by carpenters that do it every day.

Wood Privacy Fences? Sure, we've done tons. And we take pride in that we do several things about them far better than most fence companies do. And we'll do small sections and gates if we're there doing a deck or other things. But beyond that, we refer you to Bradford Fence Company - who are masters at every kind of fence.

But if you want something similar to any of the things here, we may think it would be a fun challenge or a nice break from deck building. So ask us about it and we'll let you know if we'd be willing or if we know someone who would.

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