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"Installing a deck may be the most cost-efficient way to add square footage to your house, and of all the outdoor home improvements except painting, it may be the most reliable value. Decks average $6,304 and generally recoup 104% of their value. That may not sound terribly impressive, but other touted outdoor improvements fare much worse."
   June 2004


"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey." -John Ruskin



For the purposes of clarifying any "Deal" or coupon:
A "Deck" or "New Deck Installation" is defined by anything that is over 200 sf. and includes stairs and railing. Anything less may be defined as a Porch, Platform, Stoop or landing. Furthermore, sf. rates are higher for smaller items to cover set up costs; standard volume discounts on sf. rates apply to larger structures on top of any "Deals" or coupons.




Anything other than the actual deck and handrail can be considered an accessory. We even consider stairs an accessory because they can vary in number, width, size and shape. Furthermore, itemizing the stairs in this way keeps the pricing fair as opposed to assigning them a square-foot price.

Custom Deckworks offers many built-in additions to our decks that can't be found anywhere else. Check out the examples below in our accessories list or you can click to see them here.

  • Bench Set: Two benches with angled backs set on a 90 degree corner of a deck separated by a table in the corner. Our most popular accessory.

  • Wrapped Bench: A bench with a back that follows the deck angles. These definitely take a very skilled carpenter to create. We haven't even seen attempted copies of these in Arkansas.

  • Tables: Corner tables, grill tables. These tables attach to the handrail and seem to "hover" without legs. Tough enough to sit on.

  • Planter Boxes: These can be any size or shape. They can be sunken into the deck or steps or be built to be mobile. Planters usually work best on a deck that's low to the ground due to drainage. We install thick plastic sheeting on the inside to keep moisture away from the wood and to keep dirt from washing out onto the deck.

  • Handrail Planters: Simple, inexpensive and stylish boxes built to mount to the outside of the handrail. Used for small flowers and can be moved to most any handrail location without unsightly brackets over the top-cap of the rail.

  • Garden Benches: Benches without backs typically built where the deck is less than 30 inches off the ground. These can follow any angles and turns the deck may have.

  • Trap doors: A section of the deck floor that removes to access any utilities or controls that may be under the floor level. We build these to be as "unobvious" as possible and offer several different ways to remove them by recessing the handle or grab point.

  • Lattice Panels: The operative word being "panel". Lattice installed any other way will not last long.

  • Skirting: Very solid vertical underpinning. The way we install skirting really makes a quality, finished look to a deck. We always include an access point with hinges and double latches to help prevent warping.

  • Also: Trellis’, Arbors, Roofs (any style), hammock supports, porch swing supports, Hot-tub support (on deck or sunken) and much more.

Custom Deckworks will also build any other built-in accessory you may have in mind as long as it can be done with our same quality and integrity. We also offer the installation of outdoor, low-voltage lighting on our decks. We can help you decide how much lighting you need. There are so many different types of lights on the market today that we suggest you purchase what you want and we can install it.

Custom Deckworks is currently working on developing some other accessories, so be sure to check back here often for availability.












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Update: 2012

Arkansas Code § 17-25-501 thru 17-25-515. Act 1208 of 2011 Summary:

ANYONE performing work at a Residence, when the project is $2,000 or more, labor & material,

IS required to have a license from the Contractors Licensing Board

starting January 1, 2012!


In most cases this does not apply to the Homeowners doing work themselves.

But if you hire someone to build your deck that does NOT have a license,

you may be breaking the law and will have very limited recourse in the event of a dispute.

If they don't have a REAL license, DON'T HIRE THEM!




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