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"Installing a deck may be the most cost-efficient way to add square footage to your house, and of all the outdoor home improvements except painting, it may be the most reliable value. Decks average $6,304 and generally recoup 104% of their value. That may not sound terribly impressive, but other touted outdoor improvements fare much worse."
   June 2004


"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey." -John Ruskin



For the purposes of clarifying any "Deal" or coupon:
A "Deck" or "New Deck Installation" is defined by anything that is over 200 sf. and includes stairs and railing. Anything less may be defined as a Porch, Platform, Stoop or landing. Furthermore, sf. rates are higher for smaller items to cover set up costs; standard volume discounts on sf. rates apply to larger structures on top of any "Deals" or coupons.





Important Info about Angie's List
and other 3rd Party Sites....


Successful Initial Contact With Our Company:


Email, to OUR email address, is the best way to reach us!


Before I get into that further, let me explain why we have a Devil Head on our website. Because, I know, it doesn't look very inviting.
I had unwittingly used an Angie's List, trademarked graphic in the Right-Side nav of this site to link to this article. Angie's List sent me an email saying it needed to be changed in 14 days or, well..... they didn't say what. Just, 'or else', I guess.
So I changed it. I made my very own graphic that was my very own creation. They still didn't like it. When pressed on the phone about it, the "Brand Dept." guy said I could create & use a graphic that would have actually been far more similar to their logo than the one I created. But then he'd back up and say I can only type their name in a textual sentence (which I had done). I couldn't get any straight answers out of him; only veiled threats to sue me and, get this, clear & detailed threats to remove YOUR ability, as a PAYING ANGIE'S LIST MEMBER, to easily find our company on their list. You know, the list that you, the members, have created and are paying to access. The list that is supposed to be accessible for paying members to be able to search and find ALL companies that have been reviewed - good or bad. It seems (in MY opinion) that they are willing to punish YOU, their paying member, if I don't let them remove my First Amendment Rights. Just like they threatened to do when I didn't allow them to extort advertising dollars out of me.
I LOVE Angie's List. But wow some of this stuff is just ridiculous.



For some years now, Angie's List has had a Message Center feature where its members could send a message to service providers.
The problem with that feature is that it's a totally in-house feature of THEIR website. Meaning, service providers have to log-in to the Angie's List website to even find out if they have any messages. Angie's List does not notify service providers via email, text, or any other way, that they have messages in the system. So if a company doesn't log in to the site daily then it won't know there are messages waiting.

And even if they start sending service providers notifications of messages waiting, the company will still have to log in each time they want to communicate with a customer. This is time consuming and only serves to up the traffic count and ranking of the Angie's List website.

Angie's List had a big "Message Center" button on our profile page and we asked that it be removed since it was leading people to think that was the best way to contact us.
It is not.

Now, in March of 2015, Angie's List is rolling out a new feature and mobile app called "SnapFix".
It is essentially the same thing - it prompts its members to contact service providers through Angie's List.

PLEASE do NOT use this to contact us at any time.

There are hundreds of websites out there that provide reviews or lists of service providers to the public. If they all had their own button or feature to contact a service provder THROUGH their system, like Angie's List does, then there is no way we could check all of them daily to be sure we aren't missing any messages or opportunities to connect with our potential customers. When searching for companies on "list" sites, just look for the company's direct phone number and email address to be listed.
If the only option they give you is to contact the company through their 3rd party site, then there is no guarantee that the company will ever know you inquired about them.

A perfect example of how the Angie's List system could easily have a glitch that could hinder your contact with us is this: The next time I logged in to their site after we won the 2014 Super Service Award a screen came up that said I needed to click two (2) boxes to "accept" the award. So I clicked them. Then a screen came up that said I needed to update our licensing info before the award would be "accepted", so I clicked on that button to update the info. And I found, as I knew I would, that it was already up to date and 100% complete. Well, after 3-4 times of getting the "Accept your Award" screen upon log-in I was on the phone with an Angie's List rep who was wondering why I had never "accepted" the award. I told him that I had, in fact, accepted it 3 or 4 times and he said, "Hmm. It's not showing that you have."
He agreed that it was some glitch causing the problem. These same glitches could happen to the Message Center or SnapFix and cause me not to know you are trying to contact me.


People just want to look at pictures.
On review sites, they don't even really want to read the actual reviews, they just want to see the "grades" given to the company.

We don't know how to explain how you should contact us in "picture form" to be sure the message is received. All we knew to do is put something similar to the Angie's List "Review Badge" graphic on the right hand side of every page of this, our, website (so you'd read this article), mention it in the first sentence of our Business Description on our Angie's List profile, and mention it on our facebook page every chance we get.

If you found us on some site like Angie's List and sent a message via their system and you never heard back from us, we are truly sorry. Hopefully, before you leave us a bad review somewhere for never contacting you, you will have found one of the MANY places we have explained the proper way to get in touch with us and hopefully you will re-think your decision to blame something on us that is out of our control.


And to clear up any further confusion:
We are not "Partners" with Angie's List or any other website or company. We have NO control of how they design and operate their websites. Even though we have rave reviews on Angie's List and we do love that fact, we did NOT ask to be mentioned or listed on their site - or any other site. We have those reviews due to the great work we've done for their great members. We will build your deck - not Angie's List. If you want to communicate with us, contact us directly. There is no need for middlemen or "helpers" - especially when you are just wanting to set up an appointment for us to meet with you about a project.

There will be more "things" like this in the future as companies like Angie's List try to figure out how to market their own services. We can't even begin to imagine where all this could go. But just because a company or website has a 'feature' that they are telling you will help you or make your life easier doesn't mean you have to fall for it. Just know this: There will NEVER be an easier or faster way to contact a service provider than by simply contacting them directly.

So, again, for us that's



Now, if you'd like to see our review of Angie's List (and other services like theirs)
then click here to read it.
If you're tired of reading and you'd rather just wing it when navigating the world we live in today, then don't click it.

I'll just say this: We LOVE Angie's List MEMBERS.
But Angie's List itself... not so much anymore.
If Angie's List led you to us, then you have found the one thing they still do right - provide a list of consumer-generated reviews.


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Long After the Sweetness of Low Price
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Update: 2012

Arkansas Code § 17-25-501 thru 17-25-515. Act 1208 of 2011 Summary:

ANYONE performing work at a Residence, when the project is $2,000 or more, labor & material,

IS required to have a license from the Contractors Licensing Board

starting January 1, 2012!


In most cases this does not apply to the Homeowners doing work themselves.

But if you hire someone to build your deck that does NOT have a license,

you may be breaking the law and will have very limited recourse in the event of a dispute.

If they don't have a REAL license, DON'T HIRE THEM!




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